Nobody likes a sellout.

Over the last few weeks, I have continued to make my usual rounds to blogs I check out on a frequent basis to get caught up on the latest in tech & startup news, and one blog I have always found to be a great, up-to-the-hour resource was Today, I realized why this blog hasn’t exactly been my subconscious favorite lately… and I feel like an idiot for only now connecting the dots as to why. 

They are a bunch of miserable sellouts. 

And not even pricey ones, at that. I can understand the concept of launching a content-oriented site with the intent to sell or monetize it once you gain a large following… but let’s call a spade a spade. 4,800 Twitter followers is not exactly what you consider a “large” following these days, but apparently based on the lips-to-Facebook-butt headlines now plastered throughout the December & January posts, clearly someone needed to pay the rent.

The real reason I’m even writing about this is because as a loyal former reader, I am angry. This blog really used to be a great source to get the latest news on startup funding and any new news blips floating around the technology world. Now, it’s just another mediocre-at-best source of search engine optimization for Facebook. 

Bottom line – I’m unamused by this latest development, and my eyeballs are up for theoretical sale to any new blog that can create the same kind of storyline & content strategy that StartupMeMe once employed. Mr. Mohkim Khan seems to have freed himself up to spend more time focusing on “poetic prose” as he claims to practice in his bio with those ‘big bucks’ Facebook must have shelled out for those whopping 5K followers. However, with poetry as his remaining talent, it seems like he may have backed himself into a corner since there aren’t very many words that rhyme with Facebook… or sellout… in the English language.

About: Sardar Mohkim Khan

Sardar Mohkim Khan is an Electronics Engineer with majors in Advance Communication Systems. He began his blogging here at Startup Meme and has been one of its most regular writers. The reason why he loves to blog as he himself states is that it provides him a chance to be in touch with innovation and latest news about the Tech world from all corners of the world. Plus he has been writing for a much longer period, which includes poetry/prose apart from blogging. In case you look forward to have some technical stuff jotted down for your web-space or need some poetic work composed feel free to mail him at the address given below. Presently he is an employee at Dawn News TV working in the capacity of a Researcher. Follow him on Twitter – []

Best of luck waxing poetic, Mohkim. Hope you are ‘smokim’ something different next time you opposite-of-‘e-rasebook’ your way back into blogging. 

In case you were wondering, yes, I did find words that rhymed with Mohkim and Facebook. But I never said they weren’t as ridiculous as this dude’s profile picture. 

Annnndd goodnight. 


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