Say it ain’t so… Dallas Four Seasons in foreclosure?

Dallas Four Seasons’ Web site

It looks like the gamble taken by commercial-property owner BentleyForbes Holdings LLC last October in defaulting on its mortgage on the Four Seasons Dallas might not pay off. The lenders who hold the 431-room hotel’s mortgage filed this week to foreclose.

Aside from the fallout that will inevitably occur as a result of the latest in “Holy Moses, how much worse can it get” financial news, I’m concerned about the real issues facing our Dallas community… Those topics that shine a little light into the depth and soul of those truly dedicated citizens to whom Dallas has been home for decades.

Pool parties.

Four Seasons Dallas has arguably one of the best pools in the entire Metroplex, and it had additional plans to make it even more amazing this coming year. Not anymore. So, BIG THANKS BentleyForbes Holdings for ruining my summer Saturdays with something as trivial as a foreclosure and a few hundred million buckaroos.

Really. Way to take your eye off of the ball.


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