Thanks for the reminder that my browser sucks.


Believe me, I’m aware. I’ve tried everything I know to get an updated version of IE on my work computer, but no dice. EDS – my tech support – shuts me down every single time for “security” reasons.

But thanks, Internet Explorer, for rubbing it in with not-so-subtle language. Believe me, if Chrome wasn’t blocked, I’d never click the blue “e” again. But even there I have no choice. And apparently, my IE version is so old and so many versions removed from the current that it no longer prompts you to upgrade to the “latest” or “newest” version. Instead, it actually says “For a better experience using this site, please upgrade to a modern web browser.”

What a kick in the tech-savvy junk.


One thought on “Thanks for the reminder that my browser sucks.

  1. Sarah Kennedy Ellis says:

    I can use Firefox for just general browsing, but the issue there is half of the products I work on for my job, including our intranet, have some functions that don’t work through Firefox. At least 30-40% of my work has to happen via IE. Blows.

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