Exactly how much does your social media strategy cost you?

I don’t have to rattle off to any of you who might be reading this why social media is important to any company – of any size. But I do have to continue to carry that torch in my own day-to-day role, and oh so painful it continues to be.

But today… I finally could see with my own eyes that the paradigm has begun to shift. Finally.

The question no longer is “how much would this so-called strategy cost us,” but exactly how much has our strategy, defined by ‘our strategy is to not support a formal strategy’ – cost us?

After years of pushing this forward, it has become clear that our lack of participation or formal support of a presence in this area has backfired.

Not only are we losing valuable insight into conversations happening that are quite positive for our company, our brand and our morale, but now we are losing precious time and dollars on wasted efforts that could have been averted with something as obvious, free and simple as a social search.

A number of unique events guised as something quite different – quite un-social media-related – came to pass today. Some positive, some exceptionally negative, but all could have been averted with even an ounce of formal social strategy in play.

What change comes next is yet to be seen… but today, all I know, is that progress – no matter how small – has been made.


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