NoZe Brotherhood Welcomes Kenneth Star to Baylor University


Baylor is getting ballsy with their hiring decisions. And I like it.

The notorious NoZe Brotherhood welcomed THE Ken Starr as he is begins his new role as the new President of the great Baylor Bible Kollege of Knowledge, a place near and dear to my heart.

During his tenure, Starr carried Pepperdine Law School up 150 spots in U.S. News & World Report rankings. If he can do even half of that for Baylor, we should consider ourselves and our diplomas lucky. And if not, his notoriety should carry with it enough fodder to fill The Rope with a goldmine of satire for many years to come.

Let’s go, Kenny boy. I’m hoping for big things… and not in a creepy intern/president kind of way.

All my love,

Yoko ONoZe
Keko Keeper of the Blow Pop (and no, that was not a lame Monica Lewinsky joke)


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