Are we stuck in high school? And if so, can I at least go home at 3:30?

From Seth Godin’s Blog: “On self determination”

I posted this eight years ago (!) but a reader asked for an encore.

…are we stuck in High School?

I had two brushes with higher education this week.

The first was at a speech I gave in New York. There were severalHarvard Business School students there, invited because of theirinterest in marketing and exceptional promise (that’s what I wastold… I think they came because they had heard that Maury Rubin wouldmake a great lunch!).

Anyway, they asked for my advice in finding marketing jobs. When Ishared my views (go to a small company, work for the CEO, get a jobwhere you actually get to make mistakes and do something) one womanprofessed to agree with me, but then explained, “But those companiesdon’t interview on campus.”

Those companies don’t interview on campus. Hmmm. She has just spent$100,000 in cash and another $150,000 in opportunity cost to get anMBA, but…

Since I was merely a sophomore in college when Seth originally posted this, I’m glad to see he recycled it for the benefit of other Gen Y’ers like me who missed out the first time. Check out the full post when you have time.

I’m certain our generation could benefit from lessons like this as we continue to be labeled, albeit at times without basis, as lazy. But sometimes I wonder which group perpetuates a worse stereotype for itself overall – Gen Y or graduate business students as Seth’s blog highlights.

Coming from someone who at one time represented both… coin flip.


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