I have a terrible addiction: Domain Name Purchase Obsession. Help me kick the habit.


I have a terrible addiction. It’s called DNPO. Domain Name Purchase Obsession.

At first, it was no big deal. Paying $5-7 bucks any time I had my next bright idea for a start-up to ensure no one else could buy the precious name I had spent an entire 25 minutes on my drive home vetting, A/B testing and crowdsourcing seemed like a no-brainer. I am an expert at coming up with a bright idea and skipping straight to branding – pretty much the LAST thing I should be worried about, right out of the gate.

Why? Because it’s fun. And because we are lazy.

Who wants to work on a five year financial forecast in Excel when you can dork around in Photoshop designing a logo for your new product, the domain for which you just secured. By the seat of my pants I would snag it, I always thought… that other “genius” was just seconds away from pressing the ‘purchase’ button.

And, not to mention, the name was still available because it was meant to be, right? Certainly never because someone else already thought of my new big 25-minute idea and realized during their 26th minute of contemplation that it a had about as much potential to become cash flow positive as… well… these here United States of America.

But alas, I’m an impulse buyer. It’s as if upon completion of graduate school I turned into an idiot [insert obligatory “MBAs are useless” joke here].

It’s now been three years since I finished my graduate-level education, which in theory was supposed to well-equip me to become the entrepreneur I desire to be one day down the road… and I am currently the proud owner of over 40 domain names, many of which I continue to renew for the same reasons I refuse to throw away that fabulous pair of boots I bought over four years ago and never, ever wear… but I MIGHT want to one day.

So, I keep them.

The price I pay in my closet is space… the price I pay for these darn domain names is worse. In total, if I were to continue to renew every “bright” idea I’ve had over the last three years, it would cost me about $350/year to keep it up. Not to mention the two more I purchased today.

So, friends, the time has come to let some of these go… I’m counting on you to help me decide which old boots I let take up space in my closet for yet another year.

First up?

A: Flocial.com – I can’t even remember what my idea was for this one, so it must have been pretty great.
B: UTweetFace.com – After Conan O’Brien made the YouTwitFace.com joke in ’09, I immediately tried to buy any variation of that since I assumed that someone, somewhere would be trying to make a buck on it. Including me. UTweetFace.com was the closest I could get.

Should I keep both, one, or none? 🙂 You decide.


3 thoughts on “I have a terrible addiction: Domain Name Purchase Obsession. Help me kick the habit.

  1. Marcelo Somers says:

    Sheesh, this is like the equivalent of the TV show "Clean House!" Maybe set a yearly budget that you can fuel your domain addiction and force yourself to ditch the rest :)If it’s between those two though, ditch A, keep B.

  2. Sarah Kennedy Ellis says:

    Hahaha – maybe we’ve just created yet another potential new product to build to facilitate managing that budget and forcing the "Clean House" requirements annually… darn it… What are we going to name the site? 🙂

  3. Tom Coleman says:

    You can create WURLDump.com. Wasted URL Dump. Set it up as a marketplace for domain names that the original purchaser could not figure out how to monetize. If someone picks one up and makes it a success, the original purchaser and the site get a commission.

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