Maybe I’m biased because I love the color green, but new mobile ticketing start-up MogoTix looks promising.

Mobile Ticketing for Everyone.

MogoTix offers simple and affordable mobile ticketing for events of any size. Whether it’s a party, fundraiser, or conference, MogoTix makes it easy to publish an event website and immediately distribute mobile tickets to your attendees.

Say Goodbye to Paper Tickets.

Not to mention attendance lists and long lines. MogoTix sends event tickets directly to attendees’ cellphones via text message. And with the free MogoTix app, you can scan tickets quickly and easily at the event site using your iPhone (coming soon).

Great implementation of timely mobile solution for a need most event planners didn’t know they had yet, but soon will.

Great concept, clean interface, strong “looking” business model. However, I’m not familiar with the cost of printing tickets or staffing ticket sales and ticket takers for the types of events this would be used for… whether or not it’s cheaper based on their fees, I’m not sure.

But it sure is convenient, and I would use it.

Have you already started using mobile ticketing on a frequent basis?


2 thoughts on “Maybe I’m biased because I love the color green, but new mobile ticketing start-up MogoTix looks promising.

  1. Marcelo Somers says:

    Only experience I’ve had was really engaging at SXSW – Gowalla had 400 wristbands to their party that they distributed randomly as a virtual item when you checked in at locations around the conference. It was a pretty big deal for the Gowalla users. If you got one you were guaranteed admission and didn’t have to stand in (a very long) line.We were really interested in the party dynamics because groups could potentially be split up this way. Everyone in our group got one, however, so we didn’t experience it too much. It ended up being a great party.Great idea to create Mobile Tickets for an event though. It’ll be interesting to see if Ticketmaster snatches up this startup or if it’ll be a scrappy startup like Eventbrite. I could see Ticketmaster crushing them by rolling out their own technology.

  2. Sarah Kennedy Ellis says:

    Very true regarding Ticketmaster, but my first thought any time I hear that brand name is absurdly high service fee charges… I seriously doubt Ticketmaster is forward-thinking enough to not rip off the world via mobile ticketing "service fees" just as they rip us off via regular printed tickets. 🙂 Do you?

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