What I underlined in #Linchpin.

I like to underline in books. Makes me (and my lizard brain according to Godin) feel like I’m accomplishing something while I’m reading. I’m earmarking that life-changing quote that I can later refer back to… or at least write a mediocre blog post about. 

But something funny happens usually when I revisit those underlined snippets – later they don’t seem quite as life-changing standing solo as they once did surrounded by the cozy cushion of the rest of the flowing chapter.
That’s why Seth Godin wrote a book of full sentences and paragraphs, not a 3 page quote book, I guess. But the nice thing is, most of the snippets I underlined in his most recent book Linchpin more than hold their own when flying solo. 
So below, a few of the items I thought worthy of rereading, along with, quite frankly, the entire book of Linchpin.
I highly recommend it for anyone struggling to figure out how they can be different, how they can be valuably unique and become a linchpin at their organization… for anyone worthy of being called a linchpin, my inclination is to say this has to be you. If you aren’t constantly fighting to be better at what you do, to be more indispensable than ever before and to truly change your organization for the better… then you likely aren’t a linchpin to begin with. That’s not necessarily Seth’s opinion, but it’s definitely mine. 
“Great bosses and world-class organizations hire motivated people, set high expectations, and give their people room to become remarkable.”
“Not only must you be an artist, must you be generous, and must you be able to see where you can help, but you must also be aware. Aware of where your skills are welcomed.”
“What does it take to lead? The key distinction is the ability to forge your own path.”
“The market doesn’t care about your defense. It cares about working with someone who can accurately see what was, what is, and where things are headed.”
“Smart organizations seek out people with the ability to see the world as it actually is. But that skill is worthless if you don’t acknowledge the truth and share it.”
“You are either defending the status quo or challenging it.”
“Being slightly remarkable is a losing strategy.”
“Conventional wisdom is that you should find a job that matches your passion. I think this is backwards. …Transferring your passion to your job is far easier than finding a job that happens to match your passion.”
“When industries make transitions, 90 percent of the people squander their momentum, waste their resources, and grudgingly tiptoe from the perfect sector/job/market they were in and try to make their way over to the new opportunity. And along the way, those 90 percent and outfoxed, outgunned, and outwitted by the brave few.”

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