Google Disastours the next extension for Maps?


I’ll save Google’s legal team some time, since I know the 4.5 people that read my blog are of great value to them, and say up front this isn’t even in the ballpark of being a true story… but I was bored.
April 28, 2010 – Google today has announced a new Maps feature to make planning your own man-made disaster vacations and tours more mind-numbingly simple than ever before – quite like searching the web. After all, with Google Earth now a part of Maps, we have a true 3D bird’s eye view all around the world highlighting locations where global warming is melting glaciers at a rapid pace or where oil slick spills are creating an unprecedentedly large underwater wonder-world of soon to be extinct ocean life. These DisastRoutes, as we like to call them, are just begging for global citizens like you to explore.

We’ve provided routes and directions through our industry-leading Maps tool for years, so we’re excited to add yet another travel planning feature with which we can launch, hide and watch travel companies all over the world almost lose their social media lunch every time we virtually sneeze. AaahhCHOO! Teehee.

With that said, we’re proud today to launch Google Disastours.

This innovative new tour and vacation planning tool seemed to be the perfect way to highlight our ability to desensitize the world to disastrous location-specific news, utilize the time while rescue and aide organizations are cleaning up the initial mess to research our trip and plan our routes, and then turn that global frown upside down by taking one of the hottest (sometimes literally) new package Basketcase-tions, with our computing power thrown in to sift through the thousands of possibilities.

We hope to continue tweaking and improving this revolutionary tool over the coming months to present the most relevant Disastinations at your fingertips through Google Disastours, continuing our goal to make planning complex disaster post-relief travel as unproductive and simplistic as doing a Google search.

Don’t be evil. (unless, of course, it has to do with creating some sort of new man-made disaster that could drive incremental ad revenue for the Disastours product – preferably anything above $2.50 CPC… okay maybe $2.25. Yeah, $2.25 sounds about right. If you need an oil-tanker or an explosive device of any kind, we have a robust result set for those. And now that I’m thinking about it, $1.99 is probably good too… anyway… You know where to find us.)



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