Why I love going to work every day at Sabre Holdings.

This July, our Young Professionals Council at Sabre Holdings offered up our skills, and by “our” I mean @marcelosomers and his video production & editing prowess, to help with our company’s submission to the Great Places to Work Institute for 2010. Somehow the travel tech industry lucked out and Marcelo chose video production as his hobby and travel technology his career, instead of the reverse.

While my favorite work of Marcelo’s to-date is still the intern recruiting video he created while completing his internship in 2009 (I’m partial to an artist’s work before they become famous, clearly), his most recent effort below is one that details exactly why we call this large Texas-based corporation home and are inspired to come to work each and every day at a place where we are empowered to apply our passion in unique ways inside and outside of our daily jobs at Sabre Holdings.

Oh, and please feel free to ignore the cheesy girl at the end who might look oddly similar to me… but definitely is an impostor. (And FYI, our theme for the entire submission was “Destination Sabre” hence the random title at the beginning.)

Sabre Great Places to Work from Marcelo Somers on Vimeo.


One thought on “Why I love going to work every day at Sabre Holdings.

  1. Simon says:

    Thank you very much for sharing this with us, and your passion for your company. It’s great to hear how such a large organisation obviously cares for their community and their employees alike making it a great place to work.Thanks again.

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