Standing. Clapping. Cartwheeling. Deutsch/LA gives a clinic on how to nail a target market.

Personally, I hate watching the Superbowl. 

Not because of football. I like football… and not in a “I’m a girl who is so cool because she knows more about football than you” kind of way… but more so in a “I rarely request a channel-change on Saturdays or Sundays during football season” kind of way.

But back to the Superbowl. I hate it because every year my ability to wrap my head around what some of these a$$ clown agencies were thinking during creative pitch meetings as they piss away their client’s $3M continues to diminish.

I say this with empathy as a former account executive in the long hours & low pay ad agency world, albeit in a tiny corner of that world. But in big agencies like Deutsch/LA or small ones like my former beloved home of mundayMorning, AEs regularly have the opportunity to watch our creative teams stumble upon genius or puke all over themselves in bad idea gobbledy-goop as we sprint through tens of thousands of billable hours. Fortunately, my years in this business were, for the most part, puke-free.

So, why all of the puke these days?

As I’ve grown older, maybe creative directors are growing younger… and I’m just not getting the punchlines anymore.

Or the latter – the option I fear may actually be the truth – these CDs are suck-tasticking their way to their ad agency’s “I died defending traditional” engraved tombstone. And it’s as much, if not more so, about their inability to understand the target demographic as it is uninspired creative.

But this year, amidst a sea of said crap, I was impressed with this target market-owning superstar. Obviously the VW commercial was loved by almost everyone – I’m not telling you anything new.

But why is that the case? Star Wars-themed & kid/parent combo car commercials are a dime a dozen, so why did this one resonate?

The why is in the “who with.”

To me, as a Gen Y’er with an Audi in my driveway that I love, with no kids anywhere in sight, and with limited to no affinity for Star Wars (I know, I know. Throw stones at me later.), it was my clear favorite… and it made me wish I was in the market for a car. So while maybe I’m a tertiary target market, there is a long list of demographic groups above me on VW’s list with whom it likely resonated even more.

That includes every 30-45 year-old mom or dad, Star Wars loving Baby Boomer, Gen Xer and Gen Yer, along with all kids around the globe. Even those who, like me, never fell in love with sci-fi, may still have had their heartstrings tugged on as they reminisced about a time when they too had childhood superhero aspirations, or parents who would do anything to make their child’s dream come true.  

Kudos to a client and an agency coming together to create greatness.

When this commercial comes as the end-result, I say “Long live the expletive-worthy Deutsch hourly rate.”

For everyone else? Your clients want their money back.


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