Can you tear it? Absolutely. One color? Nothin’ special about it. Chief Strategic Officer? So what.

The reminder that this little gem of a video exists just made my night.

Many thanks to @grayum_ian, as he reminded me of this humble genius who has more quotables in two minutes than JFK ever dreamed.

This is the kind of guy that you invite to speak to a group on whom you have been waiting for the absolutely perfect opportunity to play a practical joke.

One day when I reach the ranks where the letter C is somewhere in my title, and when by then my better judgment may counsel me otherwise, I would kill to invite this guy to spend an hour of time with my peers… explaining how this powerful speaker is going to change the way we think about our business and our people… and share with them that it was such a very special opportunity, “I wanted to pay for it personally in the hopes we could invite him back again – so, my treat… and you can thank me later.”


I don’t even want to know what he might think he’s worth an hour… but it’s gotta be as jaw-dropping as this year’s Superbowl commercials were bad.

And it has to be a monstrosity to pay for his 4C 2-sided 120# die-cut pop-up. That’s the kind of card you drop into a giveaway bowl in a moment of forgetfulness and immediately fish that $2 a pop bad boy right back out and into your pocket.

“I build crowds! Guaranteed. What do you do guaranteed?”

Well, Joel, I guarantee I will not make it through my overflowing inbox at least one day every week – GUARANTEED. And if I spend any more time tonight giggling at your quotables, today will be that day.

So, back to work.



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