Attention: VP of Customer Service; VP of User Experience (or equivalent) 

I have been a loyal, long-time customer of Bank of America now for over 10 years, and I recently discovered that the same bank to whom I pay my mortgage, with whom I invest my disposable investment income, with whom I keep my savings – the bank that knows everything about my current financial situation – that bank filed a negative claim against my credit report over a pittance… an $85 fee owed on a credit card I have with Bank of America, which has caused my credit score to drop nearly 100 points.

As BOA can clearly see, I have no reason to not pay that fee if you look at the data associated with my profile, specifically including on-time payment habits, total disposable income available and lifetime credit score… which used to be approximately 700.

However, due to a complete disregard for data or customer service, I am absolutely flabbergasted and appalled to now have a credit score paying the price for a poorly designed user-interface and customer notification system. I refuse to pay that price any more unless this decision that shows a clear lack of judgment and disregard for the lifetime value of a customer who, at the age of 28, makes close to $xxx/year in the lowest cost of living market in the U.S.

I have, not even ONCE, seen any piece of communication come through the mail, nor have I seen any notifications or alerts within my account during the multiple times I have logged in since this apparent “Past Due” account has existed. These are just two of multiple ways that this catastrophe could have been prevented and a customer retained.

Instead, Bank of America decided to file a negative claim against my credit report – the only bank who has ever benefited from my hard work, and thus, my income – and now has put my business at risk.

I have no choice at this point but to close out my accounts and withdraw all funds from Bank of America if a timely and 100% corrective response is not provided within the next 10 business days.

I would love nothing more than to continue doing business with this bank, but you have offended me with a blatant disregard for my livelihood and my loyalty by putting my future financial stability at risk. 

If this action can be corrected before I must move forward with closing my accounts in the next 10 business days, please contact me at 214.707.7962 or sarahkennedyellis@gmail.com.


-Sarah Kennedy Ellis


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