I paid $80 for a free video… oh, and some KSwiss Tubes.

For those of you who have been within 100 square miles of me over the last few weeks, I’ve likely forced you to watch this video… all 5 minutes of it.

After obeying my demands and accepting that you might have to sit through another boring video some annoying co-worker told you was “SO FUNNY” and that you “HAD TO WATCH” … most of you quickly realized this was one of the rare gem’s that viral videos all aspire to be.

And you thanked me, right after you forwarded it on to everyone you know.

What’s important is that somehow a brand, as quickly fading into history as @KSWISS has been over the last decade, more than resurrected itself in such a bold fashion that I basically sent them an $80 “Thank You” note for all of the laughs. And as a perk, I happened to get some sweet new Tubes out of the deal shown below.


Even while I was entering my credit card information, I felt like I was sending them money I owed them, or that they somehow deserved, for taking the time to grace me with such copywriting genius. Granted, I have an affinity for great writing stronger than most, but I know I wasn’t the only one whose bank account made a donation to the Kenny Powers #MFCEO campaign… and the best part is, the shoes are actually pretty great.

My last setence is probably their optimal use case in this campaign. Glad to help out a marketer’s metrics any way I can.

More than anything, I want to shake the hand of the ballsy CMO who had to sign-off on the entire shebang, along with his or her job security in the process.

These are the kinds of decisions very few marketers are capable of making without seflishly watering it down in the name of job security or risk of stunting their speed up the corporate ladder… but for this person, holy crap did his or her gutsiness pay off.

All I have to say is thanks and kudos to @KSWISS & it’s ad agency @72andsunny for creating memorable… and offensive, sure .. but still, most importantly, memorable and effective work this year.

What’s up dog? KSWISS just killed you.


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