I’ve always wondered what could ever make this workaholic voluntarily go home before 7pm… Found it.

And his name is Wrigley.

Wrigley Bear Ellis III, to be exact.

And his name will always be a reminder of my husband and I successfully negotiating a compromise. 

After growing up in Chicago, Hunter always wanted to name any puppy we welcomed into our little Ellis family “Wrigley.”

But with both of us as such passionate alumns of Baylor University, I couldn’t help but latch on to “Bear” …and even had my front-runner as “Griff” in honor of Heisman Trophy Winner Robert Griffin, III.

Griff got the boot, but “III” stuck, and with Wrigley and Bear as the final first-name contenders, I couldn’t stand the thought of my husband not getting to name his dog what he always wanted.

And there you have it, along with a little guy who is absolutely worth abandoning my typical late-night work habits for a few weeks to obsess over his puppy cuteness.

Now, if I could only get him to create PowerPoint presentations, sit on conference calls and/or code web applications….




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