Beach + Bottomless Miami Vices + Non-Work Mode Saykay = Vacay Paradise for Mr. & Mrs. Hoonter Eyyis.

Just returned from a somewhat brief, 5-day trip to Riviera Maya in Mexico with my husband for our first legit vacation of 2012.


The trip was much-needed for both of us, maybe even more so for him as he quickly followed the completion of his MBA program in December by starting a new job at 7-11’s Dallas HQ on their logistics team.

Basically, he manages the P&L for candy bars… and I’m only partially kidding.

It has been entertaining and inspiring to watch him begin this new chapter in his career, as his stories each day make me smile with 1) partial amusement at the fact that he’s telling the same stories I told about my first year or two at Sabre that used to bore him prior to going back to grad school for his MBA and 2) admiration for what he has achieved in such a short amount of time. 

Thank goodness my husband reads my blog as often as he listens to his wife… rarely. 🙂

But to be clear, if he ever saw this post, I’m certain he would puke in annoyed embarrassment mostly because he is a mostly quiet, fly-under-the-radar individual who is woefully anti-anything cheesy or braggy related to work. But thankfully, like any good husband, he reads my blog about as often as he listens to what I say at home. 🙂

While we could not be more opposite in how we approach our careers – him as a steady, even mannered individual who is happy to forever come in and do a great job each day but claims to not be concerned about moving up the ladder (though I don’t 100% believe it), whereas I… well, if you read my blog at all, you can define my approach with a little differently.

I’m often described as somewhat eccentric, often ambitiously aggressive & always passionate, driven by a competitive spirit & internal fire in my gut to do something truly great in my career – and that feeling only continues to grow as I begin each new day.

But there are times I envy the calm, steady approach that I’m 100% certain my husband will one day find makes him absolutely perfect to be a leader within a large organization… you need a mix of both, and to do that you need a healthy balance in life as my mother recently reminded me.


We both needed a vacation for different reasons, but also both have more to be grateful for today than we could ever have imagined even just two short years ago. 

Here’s wishing each of you a Miami Vice-filled vacation very soon.

To that, I raise a glass filled with a perfectly blended Miami Vice… or a Mimosa… or a Mojito… and wish each of you a relaxing few days in your personal travel paradise very soon on a vacation like one we just experienced.

…And I wish you that relaxing vacation via none other than, of course. 😉

All my sunburnt love,



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