HackDay 2012 was a hit… and my hack? Get quiet coders at 3 a.m. to create a HackDay exclusive “Call Me Maybe” spoof. Booyah.

If you haven’t heard of the “Call Me Maybe” video craze… this won’t make sense. If you have, enjoy:

This video tells you a few things:

1) HackDay really is a deliriously fun event despite the abuse we put our bodies through not sleeping… most notably for those of us who weren’t actually hacking, but instead running the event.

2) In fact, my dancing skills DO get progressively worse the later it gets in the evening, even without alcohol involved. I thought that was always the reason… not true.

3) This video shows I have at least one co-worker who freely embraces his goofy side as I do my dorky side… and that made getting through the night without going crazy possible.

4) This is my favorite event of the year. Hands down. And these hackers are some of my favorite colleagues on the planet, double dream hands down.

5) This year’s results only reaffirmed that my hack-a-lacker colleagues are uber-talented. Beyond belief… That is all.

Keko Keeper of the Awkward Reverse Running Man Slash Roger Rabbit


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