Perspective, compliments of the Colorado Rockies.

Each year I make the joke that I have to “press my mental reset button” by spending a week or two visiting the Colorado mountain cabin that my grandparents built with their very own hands over 50 years ago and where my parents brought my sister & I every summer since we were born.


And each year I’m never kidding.

There’s something quite magical about this place – the mountains are healing in so many ways.

This is where I built forts & treehouses with my own hands as a child, where I grew to appreciate the sheer magnitude of a mountain range, where I learned all about the outdoors, and where I fell in love with the overwhelming beauty God blessed us all with in “them there mountains” that I am lucky enough to visit each and every year.

And for me, these mountains provide the annual mental rejuvenation that operating at a 100MPH pace for the other 50 weeks of each year requires. And this place offers that… along with great memories, and even more importantly, a healthy perspective on what truly matters in life.

My words can’t do it justice, so I will let the pictures speak for themselves.


Begrudingly returning back to 100+ degree Texas heat in T-minus 2 days,



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