Keep on forgetting myself.

One thing I’ve never failed to do throughout my career was to hang on to the things, the behaviors that made me who I am today… the passions, the hobbies & the sanity-restorers I’ve always leaned on in every stage of my career… but really more so every stage of my entire life.

Yet, at some point, when the rest of it all becomes too hectic, to tense or too all-consuming, we tend to forget to do the things that make us who we are every day… the things restore our sanity in life and that keep our passion alive for things we grew to love at an early age.

For me, that is writing… and that is the one thing I’ve let go of foolishly over the last year and must now discipline myself to recover. Its absence not only leaves me without one of my passions, it also changes who I am otherwise and often not in the best of ways.

Whether in short blogs like this one, or in multi-part editorials I have forever relished writing for real publications, it’s time to make the time once again.

Here’s to the first step in doing so.


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