#AVGeek. Aspiring Nerd. Baylor Bear.

I’m a writer at heart, and a passionate strategist & technology nerdette in reality.

My intellectual loves include emerging technologies, along with the science and the art behind new product development and corporate innovation. I’ve observed the great works of enough true user experience & graphic design experts in my career that I can appreciate brilliant work, but have also been taught to be smart enough to do so from afar.

I spend my days doing what I love at one of the world’s largest travel companies where I run the emerging technology incubator, Sabre Labs, supporting all four lines of business at the mothership of travel technology, Sabre Holdings.

My job is both incredibly inspiring and relentlessly frustrating, usually all within the same hour many times throughout each day. It is a labor of love for a company & an industry about which I am forever passionate.

Thus, this blog is where I process my personal learnings, thoughts, ideas & opinions in the one way that can enlighten the author even more than the reader many times… the glorious written word.


(The views expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of my $largeco or any of its subsidiaries, partners or customers.)

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